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Working purely for and in the drinking water industry Panton McLeod is active throughout the USA and the United Kingdom with a clearly focused range of products and services.

Panton McLeod America is an independently owned company distributing the proprietary Pantonite cleaning and disinfection materials to the US drinking water industry through regional partners for tank, well and other water facility bio-foul removal treatments.

Drinking water often contains benign concentrations of Fe and Mn ions in solution. These metal ions are nutrients for certain bacteria naturally residing on the wetted surfaces of the distribution system.

When ingested by the bacteria, the ions form a very hard black and brown encrustation on these surfaces, typically within tanks, towers, filters and pipelines.

If left to build, these encrustations have a deleterious effect on the taste of the water as well as making the residual chlorine levels difficult to control within the system.

Panton McLeod Americas is pleased to make the benefits of its NSF certified range of Pantonite cleaning and disinfection products available to the North American Water Industry.

Helping you deliver high quality drinking water will remain the company’s quest, adding technologies to its expanding toolbox as needs are identified and products become available.

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