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Chatham did not wish to take the well off-line for up to a week for traditional well development processes and Maher Services suggested in-situ redevelopment.
In-situ redevelopment employs the use of PantoniteTM redevelopment chemicals and the existing well pump and motor to remove encrusted iron, manganese and biofilm from the well screen and adjacent gravel packed material.

Well characteristics were as follows:

• 24” diameter gravel packed well
• 124’ depth
• 20’ shutter type screen
• Gould 10 DHLO 8 stage vertical turbine pump
• US 75 hp motor


• 4 drums of PM77 were added to the vicinity of the well screen using a tremming pipe.
• Existing well/pump was turned on and off against a closed head 5 times.
• The following day, contents were pumped to waste, neutralized with soda ash and allowed to run until clear.

• 55% increase in specific capacity from 52.2 gpm/ft. to 81.2 gpm/ft. at 650 gpm:

• Elimination of iron and slime forming bacteria as indicated from review of BART SAMPLE results:

This study illustrates how the use of PantoniteTM 77 in situ increases specific capacity when well yield has suffered from iron, manganese and/or biofilm encrustation around the well screen and near-site bore hole, and where typical redevelopment methods are unable to be utilized.

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