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All products used were NSF 60 certified for drinking water treatment and are summarized as follows:
Control: Tap Water
Muriatic Acid: 32% Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid that was diluted to 16% due to the difficulty in using the product at 32% (fuming, very corrosive, etc.).

TC 1: A proprietary product produced for Utility Services Group. Based on the MSDS, a product composed of mineral and organic acids plus dispersant and inhibitor with the major component being Orthophosphoric Acid. Diluted to 50% based on the User Manual for the use of the product.

Pantonitetm PM88: A proprietary product produced by Panton McLeod – Americas. Based on the MSDS, a product composed of a mixture of inorganic and organic acids, surfactants and disinfectants used by PM-A’s preferred vendors for the cleaning of internal tank surfaces.

Methodology and Visual Results: The surface material used in this bench-top study was fouled/spent and dried Tri-pack from the Acton, Massachusetts Water District, Clapp/Whitcomb Well, VOC removal aeration tower. The Jaeger Tri-pack is a poly-propylene (PPE) material packed into an upright cylendrical tower that water is passed through from the top and air is forced through from the bottom, stripping volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the water (up-flow air stripping). This has become a very common treatment method for the removal of VOCs from groundwater supplies. Tri-pack material is easily fouled from the precipitation of oxidized iron and manganese in the source water and the associated accumulation of biofilm (iron and slime forming bacteria) on the substrate surface.
Fouled/spent tri-pack was added in equal quantities to cleaned, glass jars and each of the test liquids was then added in the concentration stated above.

Visual inspection of the time zero (t=0) observations are as follows:

The jars where then lightly agitated every half-hour and observations were recorded at the one-hour and two-hour mark.

One Hour Visual Observation:

Two Hour Visual Observation:

Testing was concluded after two hours. Samples were then rinsed and dried and additional visual observations were made:

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