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In Situ redevelopment is a method by which chemical redevelopment is undertaken without the removal of the well pump and other bore hole appurtenances. It is a viable method at redeveloping a well where down time and/or costs are of the essence and the need for additional water is paramount to get through the summer heavy pumping season.

Hydrology and Original Well Yield (2006):

Well Diameter – 16” x 12” x 10” screen
Well Depth – 47’
Screen – 8’ of 10 inch ss pipe size
11 gallons per foot specific capacity @ 259 gpm

Pre – Redevelopment Statistics – April 15, 2016:

8.6 static water level
38.25’ pumping level at 42 gpm
1.4 gallons per foot specific capacity

Maher Service employed a combination of enhanced chemical cleaning, using Pantonite PM77 and their Nitro Pulse well rehabilitation process. Nitro Pulse was first employed to loosen encrusted iron and manganese from the screen then 55 gallons of Pantonite PM77 was injected into the screened area with a tremmie pipe. The pump was started and stopped 5 times against a closed head to mix and agitate the PM77 and force it into the adjacent formation. The mixture was allowed to sit for 24 hours before discharge to a settling tank where the discharge water was neutralized.

Post-Redevelopment Statistics – June 2, 2016

10.7’ static water level
35.5’ pumping level at 158 gpm
*6.37 gallons per foot specific capacity
Increased pumping rate from 42 to 158 gpm
Increase Specific Capacity from 1.4 to 6.37 gallons per foot.*

Well Redevelopment using this innovative in Situ approach resulted in close to a 5 fold increase in specific capacity from the pre-redevelopment yield and an increase in pumping capacity of over 300%
This unique combination of in Situ enhanced well redevelopment employing Pantonite PM77 and the Nitro Pulse process shows the effectiveness of this treatment technology for the redevelopment of a heavily impacted, gravel packed well where minimum down-time, due to capacity needs, was essential.

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