Panton McLeod – Americas is happy to announce that we have become the exclusive New England Manufacture’s Representative for Tomahawk System for the cleaning and relining of water and sewer mains, up to 8-inches. Tomahawk utilizes abrasives of various calibers in a high-volume, low–pressure airstream to clean and dry the pipe in preparation for lining. Unlike most methodologies being utilized, Tomahawk results in a pipe line cleaned to the base material, ready for relining, and is one of the few methods that meets the recently enacted ASTM F3182-16 Standard. Tomahawk’s Lining meets AWWA M28, Class I and II standards and is an NSF/ANSI-61 certified polymeric resin barrier coating.

Common Watermain Problems

  • Low chlorine residuals
  • Reduced flow and pressure
  • Discolored water/quality violations
  • Increased non-revenue water (losses)
  • Reduced structural integrity
  • Increased public risk
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Restrained budgets
  • Environmental constraints

Only a Few Hours to Rehabilitate a Watermain Section

  • Waterless, dust-free, environmentally friendly, trenchless process.
  • Enclosed cleaning and lining process, limiting public viewing.
  • No working head that can get stuck in pipe.
  • Can negotiate one 22.5 degree elbow.
  • Used mostly for ductile and cast iron, steel and asbestos cement pipe materials.

Step 1: Cleaning

Patented Tomahawk Scout

  • Used for diameters of 100mm (4in) to 300mm (12in.)
  • Length up to 135 m (450ft) per pipe segment.
  • Up to 98% waste reduction over wet cleaning methods.
  • Fast, 2-3 hours to clean typical pipe section.
  • Removes tuberculation, bitumen or coal tar linings.
  • High Level of cleaning, up to SSPC-SP 6-7/NACE No. 3-4 “Commercial Blast Cleaning” as required in the ASTM F3182-16 Standard.
  • Dried pipe allows for immediate liner application.

Step 2: Lining

  • AWWA M28, Class 1 – to prevent further corrosion, deposit build-up and water quality violations.
  • Excellent adhesion exceeding 250 psi bond strength as required by the ATSM F3182-16 Standard.
  • Fast, 30 minutes to line typical pipe section.
  • Same day return-to-service (bypass optional.)
  • Full coverage at the joints and around the service connections, leaving no exposed services.
  • A smooth consistent thickness is achieved, providing a C-Factor above 110.
  • Extends pipe service life for decades.


Immediately following cleaning, polymeric resin is injected inside the pipe and added to the airstream.

As a result, polymetric liner is aerodynamically distributed around the entire pipe’s internal surface.

Patented in-pipe distributive bodies in the airstream ensures full coverage nd even lining thickness.


We have developed the innovative and patented TOMAHAWK System for the cleaning and rehabilitation of deteriorated water distribution pipes. Our technology doses abrasives into a high-volume, low-pressure airstream to remove internal tuberculation, corrosion and bitumen/tar liners from pipes. Immediately following cleaning, we introduce an airborne quick-set NSF/ANSI-61 Certified polymeric resin to coat the pipe interior, leaving a continuous and bonded liner that greatly improves water flow and quality, while extending service life and increasing public confidence in the water system. Patented in-pipe bodies ensure full surface coverage.

Tomahawk System

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